Make Your PhD Thesis Stand out from Others

The target of every student should be to produce an outstanding paper. However, many continue to hand in ordinary and weak papers because they lack knowledge on how to make their work outstanding. Here are tips to create an outstanding PhD thesis.

Understand The Topic

Every activity you will engage in the writing process will emanate from the topic. It is the topic that informs your research work, method of presentation, citation, etc. Ensure that you understand the topic given or are conversant with the topic you choose for your paper. Understanding the topic enables you to refer to the right materials when constructing the paper. It also ensures that the content of your paper flows logically from the title to the introduction, body and conclusion.

Read Widely

A compelling thesis is one whose arguments are supported by thoroughly researched and well presented facts. It avoids repetition and contains the latest facts and discoveries in the field or discipline. Reading widely gives you an idea of what other scholars in your area of study are saying about your subject of choice. This gives the paper a context within the academic field.


Each discipline has a definite formatting style that is to be used by all students and academicians. It is essential that you adhere to this style to enable your readers to concentrate on the content of your paper instead of focusing on formatting. There are unique instructions given by your supervisor that must be followed as well. In case you do not understand the formatting rules clearly, it is advisable that you consult your supervisor. The other option would be to use a template or sample that has been verified.


Avoid wasting time by working on your PhD thesis in the wrong way because you do not understand what is required of you. Talk to your supervisor and other members of your department as you progress from one stage or chapter to the other. It ensures that you do not waste all the time doing the wrong thing only to repeat the work in the end. The supervisor also directs you on your choice of topic, presentation of ideas, the right citation, referencing, etc. It ensures that each section of your thesis meets the highest academic requirements.

Use a template

A template guides you through every step of the writing process. It takes away worry about the structure to allow you concentrate on the details of each section. Credible templates can be obtained from such sources as the library, from your supervisor, colleagues or online. The wrong template will mislead your writing process.

Get a sample

A sample gives you an idea of how your thesis will appear once it is completed. It helps in sentence and paragraph construction since you have a practical example of what to do. It also is a better guide on presentation on points, ideas and arguments. Get a sample that is already corrected to ensure that you stick to the required rules.

Edit and proof read

The quality of your paper will be drastically reduced by typographical and grammatical errors, among other writing mistakes. Take time to edit the work and where possible involve a third party. This will give you an independent view of what you have written. Errors lead to distortion of the message which will reduce the quality of your work. Finish the work in good time to allow the editor ample time to go through the work.

An outstanding PhD thesis demonstrates diligence in observing all the rules laid in academic writing. It is as a result of careful consideration of all the rules set. It is best achieved by consulting at various intervals to ensure that you remain on the right track.