A Comprehensive Guide To Undergraduate Dissertation Writing

Writing your undergraduate dissertation can be quite a challenge since it’s a large and difficult academic work. If you feel any concern about dealing with it, follow the guide given below.

Preparation to the Project

  • Choose a subject.
  • It’s something you should treat seriously. If there’s any area you’re particularly interested in, this will be a good choice. You also have to come up with a suitable title that correlates best with the chosen theme.

  • Arrange cooperation with your supervisor.
  • Your dissertation is an exercise in independent study. Still, you must work with your teacher in order to get the necessary support and some valuable advice. Decide how often you will meet and what progress you should make by each meeting.

  • Plan your time.
  • During the process of writing, you may face some troubles. That’s why you need to make up a schedule in advance and stick to it in order to have extra time to solve all your difficulties and complicated questions. Also, it will be the key to meeting the deadline.

  • Study a few examples.
  • A clever idea would be to visit the library and look at the works of the previous years’ students. You must pay attention to design, structure, and style of writing.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Undergraduate Dissertation Writing

Now that you’ve made all the preparations, you can get down to work. The following are the necessary steps you need to pass:

  • Make up a plan for your dissertation.
  • It’s as important as planning your time. You must create a brief outline and follow the structure. A basic framework includes a title page, table of contents, introduction, discussion, conclusion, and bibliography.

  • Find and review the literature.
  • Doing research is an essential stage. Make sure you understand the chosen subject and know where to look for the right material. Don’t be overwhelmed with the amount of available data. You need to sort it out and use only important pieces of information.

  • Manage your notes.
  • You should always summarize the main concepts and ideas while studying the literature. These notes will become the body of your work, so take the time to organize them carefully. It will be convenient if you highlight the keywords or put a number on each note in accordance with the chapter that it belongs to.

  • Proofread.
  • Before you think it’s over, you have to revise your writing few times, and correct any grammar and punctuation mistakes. Don’t forget to check if your flow of thought is logical and make sure there are no errors in the style and design of the text.