Writing a Dissertation Paper - APA Format Guidelines

Are you trying to write a dissertation paper for class? Using the APA format is the best way to do this. This article will give you an idea as to the main format style of the APA. Therefore, if you want to learn more about this particular style of writing, you ought to read below right away.

  1. The Title Page Format
  2. First, when writing an APA style document, you ought to remember that everything ought to be centered properly. You should have 1-inch margins on all sides and 12-point fonts for the title page.

  3. The Abstract
  4. Next, you ought to make sure that the abstract is written in a formal fashion. Remember that this should include the summary, introduction, and possible suggestions for the study in a few short paragraphs. Think of it as an overview of the entire dissertation. It normally would consist of about 150 to 250 words.

  5. Running Headers and Page Numbers
  6. Additionally, you should have running headers and page numbers on the format of your document as well. This is in addition to discussing the main points of your study within the body of the document. You can easily format are running header as well as the page numbers in Word.

  7. The Reference Section
  8. The running headers should always reach the reference section of your study. The title of this section should always be centered. Just like everything else in the document, the reference section of your exposition should always be double-spaced. This way, you will not have difficulty you reading and presenting the document on your own if need be.

  9. Maintaining Tenses
  10. Remember always to use word tenses consistently. If you start a sentence with the past tense, continue the past tense throughout the paragraph. This way, you will achieve consistency regarding description and grammar all throughout the document. This will make it more interesting to read for sure.

  11. The Headings
  12. You should also pay attention to the headings in your document. Always make sure to maintain a bold font style when writing the document. Inventions, as well as margins, should always be given attention to as well.


These are just some of the main points that you need to remember when it comes to writing your dissertation. It is important that you follow these rules to the letter if you want to achieve the APA style without a hitch. You will surely not regret doing so in the end.